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ASA Drilling: Parts/Spares, Mineral Exploration, Mining, Geotechnical, Trenchless/HDD, Geothermal, Onshore/Oilfield

ASA Drilling Limited located in Manchester is a Direct Distributor for Mincon, Dimatec, Bulroc, Colcrete-Eurodrill, Technidrill, CenterRock, Robit, Padley & Venables and Hayden making it possible to offer the finest products available in the Oil, Gas, Mining, Mineral Exploration, Tunnelling, Construction, HEP, Water-well and Environmental industries.

ASA Drilling Limited works very closely with its suppliers informing them of field reports, thoughts, comments and concerns customers may have. This helps to optimize the full potential of the products ASA Drilling Limited offers.

ASA Drilling Limited being the distributors for all of the companies noted on this site, make every attempt to represent correctly the products and services available through each company. We work with each of the suppliers to provide a range of products best suited to the market we cater based upon their experience and customer feedback over time. We are always looking for more ways to assist clients with providing their full range of products.

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Dealers of quality drilling consumables

• Suppliers of Genuine Spare Parts
• Can offer extensive range of products for the following industries;
– Mining
– Oil & Gas
– Geothermal
– Quarrying
– Mineral Exploration
– Tunneling
– Construction