Who are we?

We are an aggregator, specialising in the global sourcing of engineering components – mainly hydraulic spares – used in a range of heavy industrial applications, such as steel, cement, and mining – providing original and authentic goods at the best prices.

We have been perfecting this practice for over 8 years, and we continue to strive to provide the most competitive procurement solutions for our customers.

heavy industrial applications such as steel

Our Story

In 2012, we began our journey as a drill consumables distributor. And for a few years since then we slowly progressed into the heavy industry business, coupling the procurement of hydraulic and pneumatic components with our feasible and convenient freight solutions.

global sourcing of engineering components such as hydraulic spares

Our Mission

For almost a decade, we have been devoted to providing both the most competitive prices in the industry, as well as the fastest and most efficient logistics solutions available.

Ingrained as part of the nature of our company, we have a proven expertise in moving goods, using the most efficient and feasible worldwide logistics solutions. We achieve this successfully by coupling our competitively priced sourcing along with our feasible freight solutions – a procedure which has been highly successful with our customers.